Brownbanded Roach

Dark brown horizontal stripes. 1/2 inch full grown.

They nest in drier areas than most other roaches and it is not unusual to have the largest problems away from kitchen and bathrooms.

German Roach

Dark stripes legnthwise. 1/2 inch full grown.

Most get this roach from grocery stores or bringing in items like used appliances from roach infested areas. Very fast breeding.

American & Wood Roach

Color is reddish brown. 1 1/2 - 2 inches

Americans are less common outside in this area and can fly short distances. Male Woods are strong fliers and more common outside.

Oriental Roach

Color: dark redish brown to black and 1 inch long.

Needs very damp areas like crawl spaces and under concrete slabs outside (patios and porches). Problems when favorable conditions promote development.

Both ants and termites will swarm and look alike.

Wings, waist, & antennae can tell them apart.

German Cockroach

Most people consider this roach to be the one they fear and hate the most. They have the ability to build large numbers in no time at all. In the initial stages, they will be mainly in the kitchen and bathroom areas or near water sources but as they become highly populated they will be in almost any area and can adapt well. Because they build numbers quickly, they have the ability to develop immunity or resistance to common pesticides, especially if they are used over and over again. Heavy infestations will almost always require follow up treatments since some individuals will be able to remain hidden and outlast coming accross treated surfaces until the original materials have broken down.

Oriental Cockroach

This is the species of roach most refer to as the waterbug and are common in most of the United States. They are larger wider and darker than the German and in most cases would prefer to be in an outside area that inside. When their numbers become great, or conditions outside become drier and less favorable, they may become a problem inside. They are less likely to get out of hand because of their moisture needs, their larger size and the fact that they do not breed as fast or as successfully.

Treating for Roaches

Treatment for raoches and especially for German cockroaches requires a very thorough application. We need to treat all areas that they can be or hide, which in most cases requires treating inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertop areas, and any area near moisture sources. The customer needs to remove things from all cabinets before we come and store away from those areas, covered with sheets or the like. Several different chemicals are always used, some of which require all people and pets to be out of the structure for several hours.  Read Straight Talk

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